About Us

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MEAMI aims to advance autonomous mobility technology and anticipate challenges to implementation in today’s cities, with the vision of seamlessly integrating futuristic transportation into the fabric of our modern society.


Our vision is to establish a world-class consortium of academia, industry, and government, uniting forces to drive technological advancements and overcome social challenges in autonomous mobility (AM). By doing so, we aim to transform the realm of science fiction into an integral part of our daily lives.


Holistic Approach to Autonomous Mobility

We take a comprehensive approach to addressing the various facets of autonomous mobility. Through extensive research, development, and collaboration, we aim to tackle the technological, regulatory, and societal aspects of AM, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration into our urban environments.

Advancement of Full Electric Vertical/Short Takeoff Landing (eV/STOL) Aircraft Technology

We are dedicated to propelling the advancement of eV/STOL aircraft technology, optimizing transportation productivity, reducing noise levels, and enhancing safety standards. Our aim is to foster widespread public acceptance of this groundbreaking mode of transportation while ensuring its economic viability.

Development of a Diversified Workforce

We recognize the critical importance of cultivating a highly skilled and diverse workforce of future engineers and scientists. By providing robust training programs, educational initiatives, and career opportunities, we aim to support the growth of the AM industry while unlocking significant economic benefits for individuals and communities alike

Why Miami

Driven by a confluence of economic and geographical factors, a record 57 companies have chosen to expand or relocate to Florida's Miami-Dade County in the past year alone. This surge in business activity has resulted in a remarkable 29% increase in tech job postings, with an average of nearly 700 software developers and analysts being hired each month.

Miami is a flourishing ecosystem of economic growth, boasting a vibrant tech culture and a strong demand for talent. An international city uniquely positioned for the future, Miami provides an ideal setting for pioneering the realm of autonomous mobility. By harnessing the city's immense potential and leveraging its resources, we can lead the way toward a connected and autonomous future.